Various ways to speed up a Mac

Various ways to speed up a Mac

Have you become frustrated with your Mac’s performance?
Is even doing simple things like opening up a spreadsheet or word document an irritating task, resulting in the beach ball appearing and spinning endlessly. This must be particularly frustrating when your Mac was fine just about a day ago before becoming this sluggish for no apparent reason.Well, first, don’t despair.

It can be fixed. Here are several ways in which you can potentially increase the performance of your Mac, bringing it back to normal.One of the first steps you have to do is free up some disk space on your OS X partition.
Even if your OS X partition is relatively full of free disk space, see how much more you can increase that free disk space by. Increasing free disk space here will mean that the free space becomes memory that your Mac can use for its CPU.
While free disk space from an SSD is phenomenal extra memory for your Mac, the free memory is critical when it comes from even a traditional motor and spindle hard disk. So, take a look and see what files you can delete, move or compress to increase free disk space on your Mac’s OS X partition.

The second most important thing you can do is look at your Mac’s activity monitor. The monitor’s list will quickly tell you about rogue apps that are eating away too much memory or CPU power. You will have to shut these down if you want to speed up your Mac. Additionally, you must also investigate why these apps are acting that way in the first place.
Are they corrupted, outdated or simply poor apps.You must take corresponding steps to uninstall, replace or substitute these apps if you want your Mac’s performance to remain stable, fast and nimble like before.These two steps will definitely help you speed up your Mac and enjoy your personal computing without any frustration. In fact, some of these tips will help you figure out why is my mac so slow as well.

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