Affordable Data Recovery

Affordable Data Recovery

The typical computer user has only a vague understanding of how their data is saved. They understand they have this “hard drive thingy” inside the computer and they understand that is where their data is kept. That is about as far as it goes for most users. Many do not even understand what a hard drive looks like.

But if you are faced with data loss, you immediately learn a lot about hard drives. Not only can you start to get an understanding about how complicated they are, in addition you learn how expensive it can be to get your data back. At least once a day customers will request “Why does it cost so much? I just paid $100 for my hard drive”. Yes, Data recovery cannot be that cheap. My response is just this; if you’d a million dollars sitting in a $50 safe, and you could not get to it…does it really matter how much you paid for the safe? If the value of the data exceeds the price of the recovery, data recovery should just be sought.

Data Recovery Prices
On average a data recovery business that is reputable is going to charge anywhere from $400 to $700 for a reasonable hard drive recovery. A recovery that is reasonable is where there’s damage to the file system, or the data and partition table becomes inaccessible. This can result from an accidental format, electric problems, viruses, etc. Sometimes physical problems with the drive also can cause this issue, particularly when the drive has degrading or poor read/write heads. A reasonable recovery can usually be performed without needing to make any repairs.

Physical retrievals can be priced around the area. It really only depends on who you phone. A physical recovery really needs the hard drive before the real data recovery procedure can commence to get some sort of repair. Typically a physical recovery entails transplanting the platters or swapping out the read/write heads, fixing the electronic equipment. There are a few of businesses out there that have become proficient at performing such a Data recovery. A word of warning for every one business that is great, there are likely five dozen others out there that can make the position worse.

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